Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a few more Seattle days...

Most of the packing is already done. We took most of the extraneous stuff out of the house two weeks back when we were showing the house. Now, we need to get the rest out so we can buy carpet, etc.

Today, I packed up every book in the house, except for the six or seven I want immediate access to. That was a helluva lot of boxes of books. We're so very literate around here.

Now, all that's left is:

1. The pictures on the wall.
2. My clothes.
3. The kitchen, which the wife has full domain over.
4. Major furniture and appliances.

So the balance of the day was spent figuring out exactly what company/technique we wanted to use to get our stuff from here in Redmond to an as-yet-uncertain Vancouver location on an as-yet-uncertain date. After a lot of research, I concluded that PODS was the way for us to go, primarily for this reason: we're hiring burly guys to do the lifting. If we'd rented a truck or had a moving company do all the work, we would have needed burly guys:

1. To load in Redmond.
2. To unload to storage in Vancouver.
3. To unload from storage in Vancouver.
4. To unload at the new house when we buy it.

Having PODS eliminates steps 2 and 3 (at about $250-300 per step, mind you). It also includes the first month of storage for all-but-our-imminently-needed worldly possessions (and there's another $150-200) and prevents us from having to drive a truck to Vancouver (22 cents a mile adds up to $80, and that doesn't include the aggravations).

So, yeah. Not a tough decision, all in all.

Not much left to do here. I'll eat at Acapulco Fresh (my favorite local fast-food eatery) one more time, but I don't have too much I want to do again on the eastside...and I'll be back in Seattle often enough that I don't feel a huge sentimental goodbye is needed.

I just want to sell this damn place so we can start the next chapter. But we're thankful to Swankette's parental units for taking us on for what we hope will be a brief bridge.

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