Thursday, July 05, 2007

2007 TRP vs. pankleb MLB Grudge Match of Death Halfway Report

At the quarter pole, I had a slight lead. How about now?

Numbers are as follows:

Current extrapolation/TRP prediction/pankleb prediction/who's winning


Boston 102/91/90 TRP by 1
Toronto 79/83/84 TRP by 1
Yankees 79/93/96 TRP by 3
Baltimore 72/68/69 pankleb by 1
Tampa Bay 64/68/68 tie


Cleveland 97/85/91 pankleb by 6
Detroit 96/89/80 TRP by 9
Minnesota 83/83/85 TRP by 2
White Sox 72/89/83 pankleb by 6
Kansas City 69/65/70 pankleb by 3

AL West

Angels 98/88/90 pankleb by 2
Seattle 92/79/76 TRP by 3
Oakland 83/84/84 tie
Texas 69/76/80 TRP by 4

NL East

Mets 90/83/93 pankleb by 4
Atlanta 84/79/80 pankleb by 1
Philadelphia 82/91/85 pankleb by 6
Florida 75/69/78 pankleb by 3
Washington 66/58/66 pankleb by 8

NL Central

Milwaukee 92/89/80 TRP by 9
Cubs 82/84/86 TRP by 2
St. Louis 76/87/90 TRP by 3
Pittsburgh 72/70/63 TRP by 7
Houston 70/79/73 pankleb by 6
Cincinnati 62/81/73 pankleb by 8

NL West

San Diego 93/85/80 TRP by 5
Dodgers 92/86/93 pankleb by 5
Arizona 89/90/89 pankleb by 1
Colorado 80/80/76 TRP by 4
San Francisco 71/74/74 even

Overall, Pankleb has claimed the lead, but by a mere 7 games. This sucker ain't over.


pankleb said...

Remember: Yankees over D'Backs in the World Series. "Yankees finally win the 2001 World Series" was my exact quote, I think. Well, like Limbaugh in '92 sticking with GHWB until the very last day and then admitting the day after the election that he knew Clinton would clean the guy's clock all along, I stand by my brilliant predictions. All of them.

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