Saturday, June 09, 2007

Life change is afoot, and anon

Had a job interview on Thursday, at my second-choice school. It might well be my first-choice school now.

I've been so excited about the prospect of opening up a new building (my first-choice school) since the get-go. I've been working that angle hard from the beginning. The prospect of walking into a place and helping to create a culture from the ground up has been exciting.

But I've talked to the grade chair of the already-existing school. Philosophically, I'm totally on board with what they're doing there. Personality-wise, well, they seemed to laugh at all of my jokes in the interview.

So I was faced with the following question: Would I rather teach at an unknown quantity with an unknown philosophy and have the high of building a new school, or would I rather teach at a school where I would be excited about the direction they're going...and pass on the chance to open up a new building, possibly forever?

Well, I've received a lot of advice, and it's swayed me.

First, my wife. "You sound so excited when you talk about the existing school. That needs to count for something...I don't hear the same excitement when you talk about the new school." My response: silence. That's what I do when someone is right.

Next, a colleague. "You're still young enough that you'll get another crack at a new school, especially the way the population is growing down there." I'll have to check out the district map...I don't know how much room there is left for growth within the boundaries...but I suspect she's right. I'm not throwing away the new-school opportunity forever if I take the existing-school job.

Finally, my mom. "With all the changes you'll be going through in the next couple of years...moving, a new house, starting a might not have the energy needed to really start a new school."

All true. Every damn bit of it true.

My interview with existing-school was Thursday. The principal left me a message at noon on Friday. We didn't connect, but I suspect that the fact that he called me is a very good sign. You don't call back teachers for interviews you think sucked.

So unless he says I have to be yearbook advisor, it looks like I'll take the job. I'll call back new-school guy one more time and see if my perspective changes...but as of now, things are looking bright.

I may have a new job. The new house will follow in short order.


Jim Anderson said...

When you're absolutely certain, email me. We've got to celebrate properly sometime this summer.

TeacherRefPoet said...

I owe you a Mariner game, Jim. We can kill two birds with one rocket launcher.