Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's like kissing your sister

"Mr. RefPoet, we were very impressed with your interview and with one other person. It came down to fit, and we decided to hire the other person. But we really think another job will come free this week, and we've set it up with Personnel that you don't have to drive down here again. I'm 99% sure it'll be this week. I'll be in touch when it happens."

"Thanks, Mr. PotentialBossPerson. You'll understand if I keep looking in the meantime?"

"Of course. Do what you have to do."

"But let me know. I really think I'd be happy at your school."

"I think you would too."

How dare they believe someone is better than me! Oh well--my rather inflated ego can take it.

It still looks like it'll be okay...just delayed, and I really wanted this over with.

It's still early. One entire big district hasn't even posted a single job yet, and I have my hat in the ring for several other jobs. But, to paraphrase Yogi Berra, it feels late early now.

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