Thursday, June 28, 2007

Helluva day.

I'm a-sittin' at the station
Waitin' for my change to come.
I'm sittin' at the station
Waitin' for my change to come.
If my change don't hurry up and get here,
I'm gonna have to go and get me some. (Change, that is!)

How long? How much more long? How long?

--Sweet Honey in the Rock

I've been rejected by two schools lately. The guy who looked me in the eye a year ago and said "I want you at my school" called me to say that gee, he has a lot of experienced teachers, and he'd much rather have a brand-new teacher than me. Whatever...good riddance to bad tease. I was first runner-up at a really good school more recently, and that one really hurt because I felt like I'd be a great fit there, and the panel seemed to be grooving on me. Then, another interview last Friday...he said he'd let me know early this week...and after three and a half days of a nervous wait, I got the "we've chosen someone else" voicemail. At the behest of my boss, I called to ask what impression they got of me, and the principal who turned me down praised me. "You were great. I wouldn't change a thing. You made the choice very difficult...that's why we took so long." I think that translates to mean that they had someone in mind for the position...a student teacher or some such.

So, I was a bridesmaid again. Damn. Still no job and a move staring us in the face. I spent a little time spewing forth profanities, and then hit the internet to expand the job search. I looked as far north as Kelso and as far east as Stevenson. Nada. I even started a preliminary look at Oregon schools. Then the phone rang.

It was the first school at which I was a bridesmaid.

My first choice.

There's another position open, and the principal asked if I'd taken another job yet. I hadn't. He said he had to post the position. I said "Let me see if I understand this correctly. Will you do interviews again?" He said he didn't have to.

Now, I've been burned quite often in this process already, so I won't be comfortable until I've signed a contract. In fact, there's no guarantee even then, since this will be a one year leave-replacement position. But that doesn't worry me as much; if I show up and am good for a year, they'll find a way to keep me.

The principal said he appreciated my loyalty. That's weird, because I wasn't loyal by choice! It'd be like a girlfriend appreciating my loyalty when I was out every weekend trying to sleep around...and failing. But hey...I'll take it. Barring another profanity-inducing turn of events, this may have a happy ending within a couple of weeks.

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