Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Glad I got out

Jack Bog calls my attention to this story from the diocese in Spokane.

To settle sex abuse claims, the archdiocese is asking for $1000 per family.

My charitable contributions can do better than to rescue a diocese that knowingly coddled pedophiles. There are a hundred thousand more Christ-like uses for my money.

And yet it's worse. In the letter, they suggest that parishioners put it on their credit cards so they can get frequent flyer miles.

I'm sure the victims are glad about this silver lining to their abuse.

Disgusting beyond belief. Shame on the diocese for the scandal, shame on them for begging innocent parishioners to bail them out, and shame on the butthead who made light of the situation by writing the frequent flyer sentence.

But I'm not Catholic anymore. Thank God I can now feel this anger without taking it personally.

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