Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Because my wife insists...

For the Mariners to regain contender status in my eyes, they must go 16-7 in the next 23 games AND be back within 3 games of the Angels by the time I get out of school for the summer on 6/25/2007.

(Yeah, I don't think they will either.)

But it's not unreasonable. We have 4 against Texas and 3 against Baltimore at Safeco starting tomorrow. 5-2 is a necessity; 6-1 would be better.

Then we hit the road for 3 in San Diego, 1 in Cleveland, 3 at Wrigley Field, and 3 in Houston. The Cubs and Astros are awfully weak, so I'd like a winning road trip there of 6-4.

Then it's three at home against Cincinnati and three against Pittsburgh. I'm slating 5-1 there. Unrealistic, but it--as well as an Anaheim cool-off--is needed if we are to be a contender.

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swankette said...

I did not insist you blogged it. In fact, I specifically said it was not necessary.

Also, I asked for what you needed for them to remain in pretender status, vs. them falling to hopeless.