Wednesday, April 25, 2007

IMDB movie meme...

EDIT: I will mark those who have correct guesses here, but not their correct guess...the correctly guessed answers are in the comments. That way, you can still play along even if someone else has guessed it.

Because my wife and RealSuperGirl have done it, and because I want you to do it...

I pick ten movies I really like. I look them up on IMDB. I list the first three keywords. You guess the movies. He/she who guesses the most wins my respect and admiration and a piece of chocolate.

In no particular order:

1. Loss of Mother/London/Motivation
2. African American/Basketball/College (Tommyspoon gets it right)
3. Family/Animation/Comedy (dude, this one is so unfair to you)
4. Anti Conformity/First Love/Literature (Jim gets it right)
5. No Opening Credits/Assumed Identity/Star Crossed Lovers
6. Blood Splatter/Paris France/Attempted Murder (Shannin gets it right)
7. Ukulele/Roller Coaster/Bittersweet (what the HELL???)
8. All Male Cast/Conversation/Dinner (threw y'all a bone)
9. Disturbing/Color Tints/Historic
10. Controversial/Desert/Cobra (Shannin gets it right)

Good luck...answers to come.


tommyspoon said...

These are educated guesses:

2. "Hoop Dreams"
4. "Shakespeare in Love"
8. "The Diner"
9. "Pleasantville"

This is a wild speculationr:

3. "Beauty and the Beast"

TeacherRefPoet said...


You take the early lead.


Try again on the other three. I do love -Shakespeare in Love-, -Pleasantville- and -Beauty and the Beast-, but your guesses are not right.

Shannin said...

6. Marathon Man
10. The Last Temptation of Christ

Don't know if you're familiar with Mike Penner of the LA Times. You should check out his First Person in Sports today (4.26).

Alison said...

7. Harold and Maude?

TeacherRefPoet said...

Shannin takes the lead:


Alison is incorrect, but I don't see how anyone will get #7. I love #7, and I don't remember the ukulele OR the roller coaster.

Jim Anderson said...

3. Toy Story II
4. Dead Poets Society
8. Rope

TeacherRefPoet said...

#4 is DEAD POETS SOCIETY, and Jim is on the board.

I really thought #8 was a gimme. Someone should still step up and get it before I got to Takes 2, 3, and 4 like my wife has.

MCMC said...

I believe #3 is For the Love of the Game, the documentary on the Seattle girls high school basketball star.


TeacherRefPoet said...

Very strange guess, MCMC, for #3. If the movie was animated, it was REALLY realistic.