Friday, April 27, 2007

IMDB movie meme take two

Stealing a page from my wife's playbook...

I will change the least appropriate of the three adjectives for the fourth adjective, and will continue to do so until I can declare a winner.

I pick ten movies I really like. I look them up on IMDB. I list the first three keywords. You guess the movies. He/she who guesses the most wins my respect and admiration and a piece of chocolate.

In no particular order:

1. Loss of Mother/London/Inspiration
2. African American/Basketball/College (Tommyspoon gets it right)
3. Self-Sacrifice/Teen/Heroine (my bad...I typed the genre line instead of the plot last time)
4. Anti Conformity/First Love/Literature (Jim gets it right)
5. Queen of England/Assumed Identity/Star Crossed Lovers
6. Blood Splatter/Paris France/Attempted Murder (Shannin gets it right)
7. Disillusionment/Roller Coaster/Bittersweet (this'll take a while)
8. Electric Blanket/Conversation/Dinner
9. Disturbing/Color Tints/Hiding Under Bed
10. Controversial/Desert/Cobra (Shannin gets it right)


Shannin said...

8. Dinner with Andre (Don helped me with this one)
9. Schindler's List

Anonymous said...

Is number 5 "Shakespeare in Love"?

Anonymous said...

I like Billy Elliot for #1
( I KNOW your favorites)

Anonymous said...

#3 sounds like The Little mermaid"

TeacherRefPoet said...

All five of these are correct! Shannin moves up to 4 points, and Dad has three.