Friday, April 27, 2007

IMDB meme take three

All of these have now been guessed except for #7, which has been changed again. With first place at stake, I'll keep changing it every day until it's right. I do know it's a movie my parents have seen and love, so we'll see if that's to Dad's advantage and they can force the tiebreaker. Or will Shannin win it all?

1. Loss of Mother/London/Inspiration BILLY ELLIOT. Dad gets it.
2. African American/Basketball/College HOOP DREAMS. Tommyspoon gets it.
3. Self-Sacrifice/Teen/Heroine LITTLE MERMAID. Dad gets it.
4. Anti Conformity/First Love/Literature DEAD POETS SOCIETY. Jim scores.
5. Queen of England/Assumed Identity/Star Crossed Lovers SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. Dad gets it.
6. Blood Splatter/Paris France/Attempted Murder MARATHON MAN. That's Shannin's
7. Disillusionment/Movie Reality Crossover/Bittersweet
8. Electric Blanket/Conversation/Dinner MY DINNER WITH ANDRE. Shannin, with assist from Don.
9. Disturbing/Color Tints/Hiding Under Bed SCHINDLER'S LIST. Shannin gets it.
10. Controversial/Desert/Cobra LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. Shannin again.


Alison said...

I got it! #7 is Purple Rose of Cairo!!!

TeacherRefPoet said...

Hooray! Alison wins! Did Calvin help?