Monday, April 23, 2007

David Halberstam

I'm sorry to hear of the death of David Halberstam today. He served as proof to me that smart guys could write about baseball. I read The Breaks of the Game when I was 13 or took a warts-and-all-but-still-loving look at what a year in the NBA feels like, as he traveled with the Portland Trail Blazers for the 1979/80 season. An excellent book. I also thoroughly enjoyed Summer of '49.

Intelligent sportswriting in a cool historical context. Sorry to see him go.

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MCMC said...

He also wrote perhaps the best book on the civil rights movement I've read, "The Children." True, Taylor Branch's trilogy on MLK is epic, but Halberstam's account, focused on students coming out of Nashville, is a really compelling read.