Thursday, April 12, 2007

The best laid plans...

One of my kids is working on a presentation about eating disorders. She hadn't heard of Karen Carpenter (and why should she have...believe it or not, she's been gone a quarter century). She really was gripped by Karen Carpenter's story, but she hadn't ever heard her voice...that gorgeous voice.

So, while she worked on her presentation in the computer lab, I sleuthed out clips of the Carpenters. But which song best demonstrates her voice (which I think might be the best in pop music history)? I go with Superstar. "Long Ago...and oh so far away...I fell in love with you...before the second show..." So nice. A great introduction to her voice.

I pull the student aside. She brings a friend so they can share their iPod headphones, which they plug into the computer. I take a second to prepare them. "You'll have to hear past the '70s sound--the song hasn't aged well. But that voice. It's gone now, and that's a tragedy."

Teachable moment! Sacred, blessed teachable moment for a kid who really wanted to know. I am the greatest teacher of all time.

As I walk away, leaving the kids to silent reflection over Karen Carpenter's perfect voice, I hear one say to the other:

"You're right. This IS the song from Tommy Boy."

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