Saturday, March 31, 2007

TRP's fearless 2007 MLB Predictions

Haven't studied too hard this year. I lost last year to Pankleb, but Pankleb was 10th best in the COUNTRY. Seriously, I'm honored to have lost to him.

He owes me a 12-inch sub sandwich, and I owe him a large bag of chips. I am challenging him for a 32-ounce soda.


Arizona 90-72
Los Angeles 86-76
San Diego 85-77
Colorado 80-82
San Francisco 74-88


Milwaukee 89-73
St. Louis 87-75
Cubs 84-78
Cincinnati 81-81
Houston 79-83
Pittsburgh 70-92


Philadelphia 91-71
New York 83-79
Atlanta 79-83
Florida 69-93
Washington 58-104


Los Angeles of Anaheim 88-74
Oakland 84-78
Seattle 79-83
Texas 76-86


Detroit 93-69
Chicago White Sox 89-73
Cleveland 85-77
Minnesota 83-79
Kansas City 65-97


Yankees 93-69
Boston 91-71
Toronto 83-79
Baltimore 68-94
Tampa Bay 68-94


NL Divisional: St. Louis over Philadelphia, Arizona over Milwuakee
AL Divisional: Detroit over Boston, Yankees over LA of Anaheim
NLCS: Arizona over St. Louis
ALCS: Detroit over Yankees
World Series: Detroit over Arizona.

My childhood favorite team comes through.

I thought Milwaukee was a bit too chic of a pick, but then I looked at their lineup and rotation and bought into it. They'll wilt in the playoffs, however. I like Brandon Webb and Randy Johnson (who will hang in there, I predict) in any playoff series...

except against the Tigers, who have added pop and whose pitchers feel damn young and good.

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pankleb said...

I'm back. I guess I should've had the Mariners going 162-0 and the A's going 0-162, but I'll stick with my numbers for now.