Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today at the burrito restaurant...

I saw a woman with two children. Girl about 8, boy about 6. She made them promise to be on their absolute best behavior. She then let them go where they wanted in the restaurant while she stepped up to order. Shortly thereafter, they played with the spigot on the water dispenser, letting a good amount splash to the floor. This only stopped when the guy at the counter pointed it out to her. They then resumed running around the restaurant. About a minute later, the girl came up and complained the boy was pinching her. Woman grabbed the boy by the wrist (not threateningly or violently) and had the following conversation.

WOMAN: You promised you'd behave!
BOY: (unintelligible, he's facing away from me)
WOMAN: Yes, but your manners suck!

I double-taked, and asked my wife: "Did I just hear that?" I did.

She then gave each child their own bottle of root beer.

If ever I'm scared about starting a family, I'll remember this moment and know that I'm better than that.

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