Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Instead of grading...

I filled out five brackets on, stealing a page from Jim's playbook.

The first one, I actually tried. Final four:
Florida, UCLA, G'Town, OSU. Florida over Georgetown in the final.

Then, I did my random number bracket.
Florida, UCLA, WSU, Memphis. Memphis over UCLA in the final.

Next, I did a bracket based on the teams' graduation rate. Low rate wins.

Jackson State, Kansas, New Mexico State, Memphis.
Jackson State over NMSU in a walk (Jackson State only graduates 46 percent of its athletes).

Then, the same, but high graduation rate wins:
Notre Dame, Duke, G'Town, Creighton.
Notre Dame over Georgetown (97% to 96%).

My last men's bracket was a coin-flip bracket:

Maryland, Southern Illinois, Washington State, Xavier
Xavier over Southern Illinois.

And lastly, my women's bracket.

Georgia, Maryland, UConn, Duke.
Duke over Maryland.

The big competition will be between my actually-trying predictions and the random-number bracket. I'm also curious as to which will score higher: low-grad rates or high-grad rates. The coin flip is in there just for stinkin' fun.

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