Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've been sitting all day...

uploading CDs and critiquing a video of my refereeing. In between, I'm surfing the web, checking out climate change stories.

And I think right now...right this minute...would be an excellent time for Al Gore to put his hat into the ring for '08. I think '00 is forgotten, that he's a movie star, and that I like him better than pretty much the whole Democratic field.

Please, Al. Come back to us.


Joe said...

C'mon, Al. You gotta lose two more elections before people start comparing you to William Jennings Bryan. Why give up early? :-)

MCMC said...

Al Gore needs to follow Jimmy Carter's lead: create a legacy for yourself by taking on one of the two or three most important, most difficult issues facing humanity. Bring your leadership to it, bring attention, cash, etc. to it, and work really hard to solve it.

But please don't run for president again. We have GREAT choices in John Edwards and Barak Obama. Edwards is the most passionate candidate on domestic issues since Bobby Kennedy. Barak has the capacity to bring left and right together without selling out to the Democratic Leadership Committee. Maybe one of them will name Al Secretary of the Interior, but his days running for President are over.