Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is anyone out there offsetting your carbon emissions?

'Cos we want to do that now, for ourselves and maybe somebody else. But I don't want to just send my money off to assuage my guilt. I want to know my money actually makes my footprint go away.


JJ said...

Yes, been doing so for several years. Two steps:
1) Calculate your amount of carbon emissions.
2) Find a place to send $X to offset those carbon emissions.

I used the carbon emission calculator at

Then, I used the following web site to determine about how much I needed to give to green energy projects to do the offset:

Then, I gave that amount plus a little extra to green energy projects for Puget Sound Energy (my energy provider). In each month's bill they have an insert to sign up to charge you and extra $X and have all the funds to go green energy projects.

I have no idea how close my methods are to actually offsetting the carbon from my wife and me, but I figure it's a start.

Joe said...

I'm really sorry you're not getting more answers to this. I'd like to see more opinions.

Right now, my feelings about carbon offsetting are pretty negative. It seems to me that, if the science were reliable, the big environmental groups would be behind it. But when I Google "carbon offset", I get a bunch of places I've never heard of. Add in the allegations that some of these are shills for timber companies, and I'm looking for other ecological charities...