Saturday, February 17, 2007

If I ever decide to become a principal...

please suffocate me in my sleep before I go through with it.

Reason #1: One of my bosses recently told me he thought I'd make a good principal. I told him "No way." He asked why, and I gave him one of my many reasons: "I don't want almost all of my interactions with students to be negative." His response was classic: "Not all of my interactions with students are negative...[pause while he does the math]...I'd say only about half are." Ick. Don't sign me up for that, boss.

Reason #2: Every time I have a crazy parent who doesn't like my decision...and this year has actually been quite good; there has only been one...I say: "I'm sorry you're not happy with this decision. Feel free to contact our principals if you have any further questions." I don't want to have to take the next dozen phone calls from that crazy parent.

Reason #3: Tonight, I went to the big playoff basketball game. With two minutes left in the fourth quarter, there was a big fight in the stands. It didn't appear to involve our best as I could tell, it was either an intramural affair between two of our opponents' students, or maybe a parent-on-parent mano-a-mano match. Needless to say, I hustled up into position to be sure that our kids didn't do anything stupid to escalate an already-really-intense situation, which had already drawn about a half-dozen police officers into the crowd, and was delaying the game by about 5 minutes or so. There wasn't too much to do there...I stopped 2 or 3 kids from running over to get a closer look at the protracted fight, and tried to lighten the mood with a joke or two (I asked our star linebacker what he was doing later that night, and if I could join him so he could protect me). It was seriously a scary situation. My adrenaline was cooking. And I was happy to help.

But I do NOT want to take turns with my fellow administrators to be REQUIRED to do that at EVERY game, etc. No way.

So there are three big reasons why I will not seek promotion into school administration. I love my classroom, and while I can see maybe wanting to do a career switch at some point (in another decade or so, perhaps), I just can't see anything drawing me into the main office. I'd just as soon retire after 28 more years of Gatsby and Hamlet and Things Fall Apart.

And you know what? That actually doesn't sound too shabby.

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