Saturday, January 20, 2007

We are doomed as a civilization.

I've been told that, if I wanted to confirm all that is worst about our culture, that I should watch MTV's My Super Sweet 16.

Holy shit! What will become of these kids? Is there ANY CHANCE of them ever becoming self-aware?

In the episode I watched, this girl was thrown up on at her party...and I cheered! I'm not proud of that, but to be honest, ANYTHING to have a kid feel a genuine human emotion that is unconnected to vanity or conspicuous commercialism felt like progress to me. Even being barfed on.

My bride just put it best: "I think you really have to try to raise a child this shallow."

But it's mesmerizing. I'm now watching a second episode, where I have watched a mom buy her daughter $13,000 earrings, and watched a fairly offensive audition for the job of the four guys who will carry the girl into her parties. (The audition consisted of taking the ten buffest guys at her school, having them remove their shirts and hula hoop in front of ogling bikini-clad girls. If the genders were reversed, there'd be picketers at both MTV and at the parents' house.)

"This is the moment of a lifetime," one of the girls just said. Which sucks for her, since her lifetime likely has 70 years left in it.

Now the girl is Jaguar shopping with the dad. She's gone right to the $96,000 car. He says he'll talk it over with Mom. I hope what he's talking over is military school for her.

When I worry about my abilities as a parent (when the time comes), I guess I can turn on this show and be comfortable that I'll be better than a certain subset of our population.


Alison said...

Maybe he should make a deal with her that he will buy her the Jag if she pays for all repairs. She'll drain her trust fund faster than you can say "debutante."

Shannin said...

I grew up around kids like that. I just cannot imagine being handed everything in life. I may whine and moan about life's ups-and-downs, but it certainly makes the Ups a lot more special.

tommyspoon said...

I was surrounded by kids like these too. While not eternally hopeless, they certainly give one pause before procreating.

But you'll do fine, TRP. No worries here. ;-)