Sunday, September 17, 2006

Amazing Race 10 First Episode

--I suspected I'd like the woman from Kentucky in spite of her and her husband's matching T-shirts. I do.

--I like how many teams took the time to learn "thank you" in Chinese.

--Dag. Climbing up the Great Wall of China on a rope. That's hard. I have no upper arm strength and no ability to eat strange foods. This show is not at all for me.

--My picks are already shot to hell. Two teams were eliminated: one "in it to win it" and one "middle departure." And my pick to win it all, the triathletes, don't look good for the title. I admire the hell out of their athleticism, but I'm afraid that Sarah just can't win a footrace. I expected her to be as fast as any athlete, but she hobbles along quite laboriously on that prosthetic leg.

--Could be an interesting, discussion-provoking bit coming from this season. The single moms from Alabama are already pissed off that Sarah takes advantage of pre-boarding for passengers requiring special needs/extra time while trumpeting how she doesn't want to be treated any differently. Not sure where I fall on this issue--I didn't like the way she told a Chinese cabdriver that she was in an emergency and pointed at her leg--but then again, in the race, you should use whatever advantage you have, be it athleticism, charm, boobs, or, I suppose, a disability. But this might boil over.

--My wife will no doubt blog more about this.

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