Monday, July 17, 2006

So, TRP, why are you moving?

Wife and I are moving in a year, from Seattle--my beloved home of 11 years--to Portland.

People ask why. There are good reasons to stay here (my family, great city) and good reasons to move there (her family, great city).

All things being equal, let's look at this stat:

When we input our criteria of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and cost into a real estate house locator, here are the results:

There are 574 homes available in Vancouver, Washington.

There are 163 available in North, Northeast, and Northwest Portland, the neighborhoods we'd be most interested in.

There are 32 available in Seattle, but these are mostly mistakes. Just a quick eyeballing reveals homes in Bremerton (nowhere NEAR Seattle), as well as Des Moines, Tukwila, and other places that are decidedly not Seattle.

There are 5 available on Seattle's Eastside, where we live now. FIVE. Wow. Betcha they're all recently-seized crack houses and meth labs.

North of town? We found a place in our price range in Everett.

It was a burned-out shell. No doors, no windows.

Looks like we're moving, probably to Vancouver.

Now, to clarify for my east-coast readers:

No, not THAT Vancouver. The one in Washington.

No, not THAT Washington...

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