Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh, and speaking of ballpark travels...

I happened to run into a fine chap named Cass Sapir at a Portland Beavers game a couple of weeks back.

Cass makes me look like a Sunday driver. He's going to 180 ballparks in 180 days. Driving the whole way, too. Wow.

Thing is, he's not sitting back and enjoying the game. He's burning his shoe leather in the aisles doing raffles to raising money for the Jimmy Fund (which benefits childhood cancer research). To go to all those ballparks and sacrifice watching the games (or even sacrifice sitting down!)...that impresses me.

He has a website where you can keep track of his journey. Also, you can donate to the Jimmy Fund there. He has a goal of reaching $100,000 over the course of his travels. I think it'd be wonderful for both him and a lot of kids if he did.

What's stopping you? Click the link, and if you're inclined, have a credit card within reach when you do.

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