Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Celebrating an Arbitrary Milestone, the 500th Post, By Listing My Ten Favorite Blog Posts So Far

I've been worked up a little bit lately because I'll likely not know who my 30,000th hit is, since I'll be on vacation when he/she visits. (Unless I get about 300 visitors before dinnertime on Thursday.) But I noticed that this--right here, right in front of you--is my 500th blog post on Various Observations in Written Form. So, instead of marking one fairly meaningless milestone (the 30,000th hit), I thought I'd celebrate another (my 500th post) thusly:

I just looked over the entire history of this blog and thought I'd pick ten posts I especially like for you guys to revisit if you'd like.

Much to my pleasant surprise, it was hard to do...I've written a lot of stuff that I wanted on the list. Nonetheless, I pared it down, figuring the peanut gallery can call attention to whatever favorites I've omitted that they have on their refrigerators or taped inside the front covers of their Bibles.

I won't rank them. I will simply give them chronologically.

And, as always, thank you so very much for reading.

9/18/2004: "My Favorite College Professor"
11/28/2004: "Watching the Broncos Play in the Snow"
6/7/2005: "Wacky Class Story"
6/20/2005: "Small Victory"
8/10/2005: "I Attempt to Wade Through the SF Sports-Talk Flap"
9/12/2005: "Brush with Infamy"
11/11/2005: "Us Vs. Them in Education"
2/13/2006: "Ahmed"
4/12/2006: "SideshowJ Makes Me Think"
5/27/2006: "The Front Desk Clerk and Her Tattoo"


Jim said...

I hadn't read "My Favorite College Professor." Thanks for bringing it back. (Have you contacted Professor G in the meantime?)

TeacherRefPoet said...


I wrote him about a month after that post, and he wrote back. We've exchanged Christmas greetings, and I sent him a wedding invitation. I'll be back at the alma mater over this upcoming vacation, and my wife and I will be spending some time with him and his wife.

He says that life is so wonderful for him now that he actually feels blessed to have inherited the alcoholism gene.

Shannin said...

Thanks for the update on your professor - I remember reading the original post...

I hadn't read the tattoo one - don't know how I missed that. Remind me to tell you the tattoo story of how Don and I met when we see you in Oct...