Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An angry commenter

This fairly wacky post from a few months ago made a brief and tangential note that I receive a lot of searches trying to figure out Diana Taurasi's sexuality. I have repeatedly stated both my ignorance and apathy on the matter. All I know is how fun it was to watch her beat down my Storm last month.

But I still get many, many hits from people dying to know if she's gay. (And Lauren Jackson's shoe size, and Sue Bird's bare feet...they just don't quit, those WNBA crushes, especially when they're foot-fetish-enhanced crushes.)

Anyhow...just today--five months after the above post--I received this angry comment:

Anonymous said...

you guys are soo stuipd you dont even know her and noo she is not gay you guys are losers get a LIFE !!!!!!
- annoyed

And this one, two minutes later:

Anonymous said...

you guys are so dumb you dont even know her and noo she is not gay get a life you losers

Wow. I won't rag on the poster, who I bet isn't yet old enough to drive. She/he was searching on the term "diana taurasi song," which is cute.

And it's sweet that an angry kid's spam is now pro-gay instead of anti.

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