Wednesday, July 19, 2006

30,000th Hit

Well, the TRP's Greatest Collection sped things up a lot. For starters, I had to hit myself (ow!) about a hundred times to pick out the top ten, and then a bunch of people looked at a bunch of sites...and we got to 30K.

Who's responsible? Not sure. Probably a family member...someone with Qwest access whose internet connection goes through either Tukwila or Tacoma. Whoever it is didn't come via link...they just put me right into the address bar. Sister? Parents? Brother? Maybe even a stranger? You are my 30,000th hit! You join these past honorees:

#5000: A surfer from Jack Bog's blog.
#10000: My wife.
#15000: Another surfer from Jack Bog.
#20000: Holly from Alabama.
#25000: My wife again.
#30000: Probably my dad, but let me know if it wasn't.

I won't celebrate tonight: I already did here.

Still, as ever, thanks for swinging by.


GrigorPDX said...

Don't forget us RSS folks. I don't think we show in your counter unless we decide to post a comment. :-)

TeacherRefPoet said...

If Statcounter doesn't log you, you don't exist. Sorry.