Friday, June 23, 2006

So, how are my World Cup predictions going?


I've picked 11 of the 16 Round Two teams. My weird lark for Saudi Arabia is every bit as foolhardy as I suggested at the time. The top three of my final four (Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal) are still around, although the way the bracket has fallen, I cannot have a Netherlands/Portugal final as predicted (although they play in Round II this weekend). My champ, Portugal, who looked so beautiful in Euro 2004, don't look so hot now. I expect the Dutch to take 'em out, which would lead to a really cool Brazil/Germany final. However, I WILL NOT ABANDON MY PRE-CUP PICKS. I am realistic, however. They look bad.

An update on the bets I placed in Vegas in April:

Trinidad and Tobago at 50-1 to win their group: There was a second in the 43rd minute of the England game where England had to clear a ball off the line when I felt pretty brilliant. But this was a lark from the word go. And you have to score to win a group.

USA at 30-1 to win it all: yeah, right.

Ukraine at 50-1 to win it all: I picked this back in April because they were the first team to qualify from Europe. They looked awful in their 4-0 loss to Spain, and not much better in beating Tunisia 1-0 today. There isn't a snowball's chance in a blast furnace that I'll see those $250 in winnings. (But I will root damn hard for them nonetheless...that's a lot of samoleans.)

Germany at 11-2 to win it all: Germany look as good as anyone right now, and they have home advantage. Woo-hoo...$27.50 in my future? Whatever would I do with it?

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