Monday, June 19, 2006

A new paradigm in vacation behavior

Today is the first day of vacation for me. Friday was the last day of school...and it was a good year in that it did not contain the usual June Faculty Blowup. So even though I went to a Mariners game on Saturday and hiked with my wife yesterday, today is the first day where I really get to enjoy the lack of work.

A colleague pointed out to me recently that one of the major positives about being a teacher is that when you're off, you're really off. Make no mistake--a portion of this summer will be spent planning for next year's American Lit and US Cit classes, meeting with my teaching partners, and mulling over strategies for dealing with this group of kids (I'm teaching the same 107 as juniors that I taught as sophomores), but on the whole, this is a true, complete break. Compare: When I met up with my kid sister (an attorney, international law stuff) for a baseball game in Atlanta last year, she was constantly being bugged on her Blackberry, via both email and cellphone calls from the office. And I'd bet a C-note that her inbox when she got back was unpleasant. While I certainly work as hard as any attorney during my 10 months on, I will not be bothered by my boss this summer...and there is no work accumulating back at my desk. Love this.

Anyway, I'm testing a new vacation style this year. Rather than sleeping in, I woke up at 8 AM today. I've cleaned the family room. I will work out while watching the second half of the Spain/Tunisia game (Tunisia up 1-nil! Whoa!). I will either get outdoors or write a poem every day. I will find a new web host for my baseball website. If she wants, I'll cook dinner for my baby once a week. I will minimize my daytime TV viewing...and if I view, it will be in conjunction with housecleaning or bill-paying or hanging up the blinds that have been sitting along the floorboards for two years. I have a list of 23 things I'd like to do this summer, both fun stuff and household chores, and I'll try to get to as many of them as I can.

It's new. It's different. It's a PRODUCTIVE vacation.


swankette said...

- You had earlier said you would cook dinner as often as I like.

- The mini-blinds have only been lying on the floor for 16 months, not two years. And if you want to do that let me know and I'll show you the trick to hanging them. That took me a good 12 months to figure out.

TeacherRefPoet said...

You declined my offer for as often as you I've approached with a new offer.

If I cook more than once a week...well, what can you do to make it worth my while?

I've got some ideas...

tommyspoon said...

Hey now! Get a room, you two!


Shannin said...

Don gets kind of a similar sort of break, but he's still "on call" in case the Vikes do something stupid like the Love Boat cruise or a coach gets nabbed for ticket scalping.

I'm jealous until he gets home from a road game where he got to his hotel room at 11:00 PM and had to be up to catch a flight at 4:00 AM and then arrive home only to hit the ground running to get to the noon press conference...