Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mariners tonight...

The Mariners have gotten past their aversion to winning in my presence and have pulled off three straight with me in the ballpark. Tonight's was especially cool. I happened upon two very generous gifts (about $75 each) of Mariners' gift cards over the off-season...one for Christmas, one for a favor I did. Rather than spending the $150 over four of five games, we decided to blow it all on one big night. Thus, we wound up in the tenth row between home plate and the M's dugout tonight.

It was a great night to be there...gorgeous weather, and Felix Hernandez (my non-sexual man-crush) pitching against fellow young stud Francisco Liriano.

Some observations:

The Mariners actually looked good. I'm not going to let myself get deluded into thinking there's a future with this squad--we're buckling too heavily under the contracts of Sexson and Beltre for this to work out. But it's fun to watch our solid infield defense, and Ichiro, Jose Lopez, and Kenji Johjima at the plate.

Quoth my wife today: "This isn't saying much, but Adrian Beltre looks better in person than he does in photographs."

Home plate umpire Larry Poncino called a great game...but I think he might need to see someone to improve his hair at least a little bit.

I sat next to a tourist from Japan. I asked him what ballpark I should visit if I visit Japan. He suggested the Tokyo Dome.

I love hearing a barely-English-speaker sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" phonetically and with gusto.

The stuff you learn from the scoreboard: Ichiro's favorite movie is Miss Congeniality. Of all the movies in history, he picked that as #1. Wow. My wife had an explanation: "If English is your second language, Miss Congeniality is a movie that's easy to understand and maintains its humor." My response: "There are a few movies in Japanese he could understand. And I think, given a choice between Miss Congeniality and Ran, I might just say Ran just noses Miss Congeniality out as the better movie.

Eddie Guardado is awful. I greet his appearances with nothing but dread.

The Twins' Jesse Crain's ERA entering this 6/6/06 game: 6.66. What's it all mean?

Apparently M's manager Mike Hargrove did not want his photo printed on my blog:

And, the way the M's are 6 under .500 with an $80-90 million dollare payroll, can you blame him?

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