Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey, soccer-haters!

If you want to prove why soccer sucks, make someone sit through the second half and overtime of today's Switzerland/Ukraine match! It'll prove you right!


Anyhow, Ukraine looked awful, and they're in the quarters. Their victory is the first time my Jack Bog World Cup Bracket has been sullied, but it means my chance of my $5 50/1 bet on them to win it all is still alive. $250. Go, boring banana-clad guys! Beat Italy!

But more realistically, I'm still more stoked for my 11/2 bet on the Germans. Those were good odds after all.


tommyspoon said...

I'll take a bad OT in soccer over Chessboxing any day of the week and twice on Sunday.


Yer slippin', TRP. Slippin' mighty bad...

Joe said...

I wasn't aware that it was necessary to prove that soccer sucks... like gravity, it appears self-evident. ;-)