Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Don't Plagiarize or A Morality Play Starring My Blog

Last night, I noticed my blog had had a strange hit. Someone from Weehawken, New Jersey had accessed my Pleasantville NBPTS practice essay through a Google search on "main theme of the movie Pleasantville".

That search smells. Smells BAD.

It was 11:00 PM on the East Coast. That's late. And it's a school night.

Somebody needed an essay. And they found mine.

I knew right away it was probably a plagiarist. I said as much last night. In fact, I threatened to head out to "bitch slap" anyone plagiarizing me.

And what do you know.

Today I had a hit off of a Google from Camden, New Jersey, on the following unusual search terms:

"the writer and director of Pleasantville, Gary Ross, creates a place that mimics"

Strange search, eh?

It's the first eleven words of my essay.

It's bloody obvious that the search from last night was a New Jersey plagiarist student, and the search from today was the professor/teacher busting the student.

I've been plagiarized!

To the student: You stupid, stupid person. You richly deserve whatever consequences you a bitch slap from me. And you'd be lucky with the bitch slap. Haven't you heard of Laura K. Krishna? If not, you'd better study her...

To the teacher/professor: First of all, nice going.

Second of all, is it possible you could require this kid to post an apology to me on my blog as a part of whatever consequences you provide? Thanks.

I guess it's a sign I've gotten somewhere as a writer if I've been plagiarized...

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