Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anyone out there have Google Earth?

Another thing to do when you need to kill a sick day:

I can kill days at a time wandering around the world with my Google Earth map. Well worth downloading, and worth the cost (free).

Anyhow...can anybody tell me what the hell that is up in Northern Saskatchewan? 56 degrees, 53 minutes, 47.47 seconds north longitude, 102 degrees west latitude. The earth seems to have some bizarre giant watch strap on it.

I imagine it's a flaw with the sattelite photograph, but maybe someone smarter than I am can help me out.


John B. said...

I have fiddled with Google Earth from time to is neat how you can 'fly in' to about any location.

You can looks at the Pyramids, baseball stadiums, just about anything.

GrigorPDX said...

I found the satellite images of NOLA after Katrina utterly astounding. Especially because you could toggle back and forth between before and after. There was one image of some sort of trucking/rail container yard next to one of the canals. Before it was rows and rows of neatly stacked shipping containers. After, there was a levee break right next to the yard. There were hundreds of 40' containers scattered like jackstraws. It was chilling.

Anonymous said...

DUDE! u hav waaaaaaay too much time on ur hands epecially with the world cup depth and were any of them right?

p.s if u hav any complains about the world i have plenty to complain about complaining about.