Monday, July 04, 2005

It was only one stinkin' mistake...

My baby is a sweetheart, and not just sweetheart of the Yakima Bears game. She is a sweetheart because she didn't mention in her post what a pinhead I am.

You see, in the essay, I said we were getting married on July 29th. I got the date of our wedding wrong. You see, I had baseball on the was our third minor league game in three cities in three days, and we'd been playing catch for much of the three days in preparation for her throwing out the first pitch at the rehearsal dinner, and it was the rehearsal dinner on my mind, not the wedding. And so I wrote in my winning essay that we're getting married on the 29th. And we're not. We're getting married on the 30th.

My baby made fun of me for this yesterday...and justifiably. But she didn't go public with it today...she kept it a secret, just calling it a "rookie mistake" instead. Still, I'll probably hear about this periodically for many years...but I'm still greatful for her kind, gentle demonstration of restraint.

I have a friend who proposed to his wife excitedly in the car in a stupid way. She said yes, but made fun of him to her friends for years. When the time came for their fifth anniversary, he re-proposed to renew their vows...on one knee, in a nice restaurant...the right way...but with a catch: he said "From now on, you can't tell the real story of how I proposed. You have to tell this one instead."

Someday down the line, I'll make my baby Sweetheart of the Game somewhere else. I'll get the correct date of my wedding. And when I do, she will NEVER get to tell the story of my blunder again!


Swankette said...

For the record: Because baseball and the rehearsal dinner had been so much on both of our minds for the previous three days when the announcer guy said July 29 I thought HE made the mistake, since that's the date of the first pitch, and I figured Sweetie would have written that down as well. Sweetie later admitted that he got it wrong. That's a confession a Rookie wouldn't make, so he gets credit for that.

Shannin said...

I give my husband a hard time because he never actually "popped the question" -- he had it written in a card. I, on the other hand, catch it from him because I never said yes. My defense -- I ACTED yes!