Monday, June 20, 2005

Small victory

I've had a student this year who is a damn smart girl. It's a hunch, but I've wondered if, because of her popularity (cheerleader, etc.) she didn't want to let her peers know how smart she is...or maybe it's just that she's a very quiet, thoughtful kid who doesn't care to share much of anything with anyone. In any event, as she wrote essay after beautiful essay this year, I got the sense that her intelligence was a secret between her and her teachers, covertly revealed in assignments nobody else would ever see. She finished this semester with a very high A, in the top 5 out of my 115 students in that class.

As I looked at her final review of the course, and saw her write about all the learning she'd done this year, I was pleased, but not as pleased as I was by this:

For the first time all year, she had not dotted the "i" in her name with a heart.

Funny, but that detail thrilled me as much as anything in the assignment.

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