Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Public Service Announcement

To the persistent number of you who continue to land on this blog by searching on "Sue Bird" Bare Feet (and who are surely the most disappointed surfers on the net when you get here):

There's a lovely picture of Sue, my pretend girlfriend, on page 28 of the June 6, 2005 edition of Sports Illustrated (which features Danica Patrick on the cover). Sue is wearing a lovely sundress and necklace. And she is unshod.

If you see this in the next two days, you can buy it on newsstands. If you see this in the next couple of months, you can steal it from your dentist's office. After that, you'll have to head to the library.

I do not share your fetish...feet land somewhere between smile and spleen on my list of Favorite Parts of a Woman's Body...but I've always felt sorry for those of you who searched here.

This is the last I will speak on this subject. I hope.

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tommyspoon said...

Don't count on it...