Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Alison's organization has persuaded me to expand my state list.

It's so much more significant-looking this way. Friends o' mine: please feel free to follow suit. I think we learn something about you this way...WAY more than the silly underline/italicize/boldface meme.

States in which I have lived:

1. California (for two months)
2. Colorado (for 20 years)
3. Louisiana (2 years)
4. Missouri (3 months)
5. Ohio (2.5 years)
6. Pennsylvania (1 year)
7. Washington (9 years)

States in which I have spent significant time (regular vacations, etc...I'll decide "regular" means "more than five times"):

8. Illinois (grandma still lives there...many relatives)
9. Indiana
10. Iowa
11. Kansas (I've driven across these so damned often I have to count them as "regular"...but only since each has been visited as destination at least once for friends or baseball.)
12. Michigan (Mom's side of family)
13. Montana (sister lived in East Glacier Park for several years...you'd have visited regularly too!)
14. Oregon (my baby!)
15. Texas (When I lived in Louisiana, this is where I'd go for fun.)
16. Wyoming

States I have visited:

17. Alaska (vacation when I was six...I still remember how gorgeous it was...Joe, you should take Alison there)
18. Arizona
19. Arkansas
20. Connecticut (performed there with Chamber Singers and stayed the night at a friend's house. We went out for pizza and laughed until our jaws hurt.)
Still 20. DC
21. Delaware
22. Florida (baseball and relatives)
23. Georgia
24. Idaho (baseball!)
25. Maryland
26. Massachusetts (four times, falling just short of the "regular" definition)
27. Minnesota
28. Mississippi
29. Nebraska (across a lot, but not yet as destination...therefore, not "regular")
30. Nevada
31. New Jersey (stayed with my buddy in Weehauken while visiting NYC...also went to a mall there because our tour bus wasn't allowed in NYC for the whole day)
32. New Mexico
33. New York (6 times, but two were airport stops.)
34. North Carolina
35. Oklahoma (you must visit the Murrah Building memorial)
still 35. Puerto Rico (baseball!)
36. South Dakota (I was 3. I remember watching "Match Game '73 in the Hotel. I also remember looking at Mt. Rushmore from my mom's arms.)
37. Utah
38. Vermont (Robert Frost's Grave, but didn't sleep there...still, that's a visit)
39. Virginia (Arlington)
40. Wisconsin

States in which I have slept, but not much else:

41. Kentucky
42. Tennesee

States I have only driven through en route elsewhere:

43. Alabama
44. North Dakota
45. Rhode Island
46, South Carolina (Thought of visiting this year, but decided that I'd honor the NAACP boycott and won't spend money there until the stars-and-bars are off the Capitol grounds...ergo, just drove through.)
47. West Virginia

States I am missing:


Hawaii (until the honeymoon!)
New Hampshire

Now, if my friends and acquaintances don't follow Alison's and my lead, I'll be disappointed...

Did Alison just start a meme? Look what you've wrought, Alison!


kaphine said...

RSG and I count states we've had sex in:

Rhode Island
New York
I get Washington, but I'm not sure if she does.

I may have forgotten some.

Shannin said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one who counted states in which I had sex. That's doing something significant....

Without listing them all, I've lived in 3 states, visited 24 and passed through 7.

I hope you love Hawaii. That's one of my favorite places. I've only been to Oahu, Maui and Kauai (my personal fave). I'd love to go back and visit the Big Island and Molokai.

Hugh said...

Do "sober", "somewhat tipsy", and "rip-roaring drunk" count as states?


Alison said...

Ye gods, I think you're right, TRP! I summarily apologize to all you anti-meme folks out there. It was temporary insantiy, I swear.

TeacherRefPoet said...


Well, it seems that Alison's idea of different levels of "visiting" could apply to sex. Here, now, are the states, listed by sexual act:

(deleted for everyone's sanity)

So the total is 16 for me, plus a couple of other countries/provinces. In your FACE, Kaphine and RSG! (And thanks, Swankette! Hawaii, here we come!)

I can add at least one state if I institute the old "Catholic Tenor Rule," which basically says that an extended makeout session can count as "sex." (The Catholic Tenor Rule was invented mostly so that pure, innocent college freshmen like me could play "I Never" with more experienced classmates.)

Kaphine, sounds like your sex with RSG in Washington wasn't very good for her.

kaphine said...

Point #1, I can also claim England and Wales.

Point #2, I got Washington prior to RSG.

And, no, you cannot institute the "Catholic Tennor Rule" 'cause if you did, I'd start listing the states and countries I masturbated in, and there ain't a mainframe big enough to store that list.

TeacherRefPoet said...


If you want to make a list of solo sex states, go ahead. But it CLEARLY should be a separate list, however, and is not at all related to the Catholic Tenor Rule, which was more or less a way to handicap the game so anyone could play.

lemming said...

The CTR included the provision that whatever you had done included a sexual partner. Thus if Kaphine masturbated with another person, the state counts, but if she was alone, it doesn't.

Swankette said...

The tail must be squeezed. NOW!!!!

Those who need to squeeze the tail the hardest know what I mean.

And those that don't probably think I'm continuing the masturbation theme, but I'm not.