Monday, June 06, 2005

Addition by subtraction

After yet another amazingly tasty dinner from my baby, I had the sense of I Must Have Chocolate. Now. Seriously haven't had that in a while, so I decided to cave in and drive to Baskin-Robbins. I asked my baby if she wanted anything, and she requested a scoop of Rocky preferred flavor.

Two scoops of ice cream cost $3.50. A quart costs $3.99. No-brainer...I bought the quart. And I rewarded myself by getting an extra scoop of ice cream. I was intrigued by BumbleBuzz ice cream, defined by the fine folks at Baskin-Robbins as "Honey ice cream with chocolate coated honey comb pieces and a dark fudge ribbon." A minor risk, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Two conclusions:

1. Believe it or not, it didn't occur to me until I was in the car that I'd actually spent more money this way.

2. BumbleBuzz. DAMN good. Worth a trip. And you know you've earned the ice cream.


John B. said...

Ya, the family went to the local 'Bonnie Doon' ice cream parlor...$12 for the five of us, and all we had were cones.

It is good real icecream, and a single dip is really 2-3 scoops, but it is still cheaper at the store.

Then again, you miss out on the experience.

Murky Thoughts said...

I once dazzled a young pizza clerk on the phone by asking the prices of the medium and the large, then asking for the plate diameters, invoking pi and after dividing the areas out loud saying I'd order the two mediums instead of the large, two mediums being a better deal. Or maybe it was vice versa, I can't recall, but still she was amazed.

"What was that number you used?" she asked.

"Pi" I said. "You know, three-point-one-four?"

"Oh, I didn't know you could use it for that kind of thing."

Murky Thoughts said...

Where I wrote "plate diameters" I mean the pizza dish diameters--16", 18" etc