Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some guy stole Mitch Lyden from me!

I visit often enough that I feel the need to donate good money to them for site upkeep. I sponsor a few players every year. I don't sponsor the best players--Randy Johnson, perhaps my favorite pitcher ever, costs $195, and while I might shell out the bucks for Edgar Martinez, he's perenially taken. So my strategy is to go for low-budget guys I have some connection to. One such gentleman is Mitch Lyden. I was at Wrigley Field on June 16, 1993, when Mitch became something like the 68th guy in Major League history to hit a homer in his first major league at-bat...a towering shot onto Waveland Avenue. His major league career wound up lasting about a week (ten at-bats), but still, I felt connected to him. Worth the five bucks.

I got lazy and let my page subscriptions lapse a few weeks ago, and only today got around to re-upping. Two of the three pages I wanted back were available...but what the hell? Mitch Lyden was sponsored two days ago! And it's by the guy who CAUGHT that home run ball! How bizarre is that? Of all the pages that I thought someone would take from me, that's the last I would have predicted. I thought he was mine--all mine. But no. Turns out I'm in a non-sexual baseball love triangle with a guy who chases balls on Waveland Avenue...and over a cup-of-coffee backup catcher for the expansion 1993 Marlins.

By the way--if you know my last name, search baseball-reference on it. I've sponsored my namesake with a brief and embarrassing career.

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