Monday, May 30, 2005

Over our time apart...

I didn't have too much to say. But here's some of it.

--I'm going to be in Philadelphia in two weeks in my last official act as a debate coach. I already have my Phillies is the only required activity for my students. They get to choose what to do with all non-competition free time after that, provided it is legal and they agree on it.

--My baby and I have spent most of today with -Whose Wedding Is It Anyway- on the tube. One woman, Kim, was the planner for a Muslim wedding. As the ceremony approached, she said: "I'm so glad to be a part of this culture." This might be in the top ten silliest things I've heard recently.

--I mulled over the following question: is it better to be a fan of a team that can't hit or a team that can't pitch? I've done both now. (Indeed, one might argue that the current Mariners are both.) Went back and forth, but I've decided it's better to be a fan of a team that can't hit. The games don't take as long...the frustration ends sooner.

--I received this comment on the original Air America post. In case you missed it, it appears here unedited:

robert said...
sorry for the rude awakening "liberal" putz but bush, according to the definition you provide IS a sociopath. he is also a war criminal. malloy speaks out as others must but don't or won't. what do we have to lose that hasn't already been stolen?! the spineless, chicken shit, unprincipled sell-outs (of both parties) are in bed with big business and equally guilty of making the world safer for fascists. the pious terrorists who have seized power in this country should be tried for treason. air america is a crucial force countering all the lies, propaganda and censorship reigning in this land. they are doing the job others in media have abandoned--for what, bogus civility? this country's reputation is being defiled by a bunch of dangerous hypocrites with blood on their hands. do you think kerry and gore, were reasonable, upright gentlemen for conceding like good sports, in the last two disasterous "elections"? how dare they not have insisted that every vote be counted--no matter how many months we'd get bogged down in such an investigation. exercising that right might have saved our democracy from the ruthless thugs some call elected officials.
i'm tired of the fraud and bloodshed!

I don't have a response to him--he's not looking for an exchange--but I would like to hear from Joe, Spoon, and pankleb. This man name-calls, has no real evidence, and suggests that I cannot be a liberal if I don't agree with any part of his fundamentalist liberal beliefs. In other words, he represents exactly the sort of stuff that happens on talk radio on both sides. Since we have this hard evidence in front of us, can you tell me precisely how this kind of stuff helps our political system?

--Oops. The bit about the wedding show shouldn't be on this blog--it should be on the other one. But I'm too lazy to go back adn change it now.

Hope y'all are well.


pankleb said...

That guy's comment doesn't do anything for anyone. Some people forget that a lot of people in the world don't obsess about politics 24/7 because they don't have the energy or the time. I don't know what labeling GWB a "sociopath" accomplishes, unless we start investing in sociopath re-education schools or something.

My original comment was a tad misunderstood. By saying Malloy = Coulter, I simply meant that his presence probably won't do much more than rile up the lefties who always get riled up. The worry, of course, is that undecided, thoughtful people who hear him will decide that the left has become less thoughtful and less tolerant. If that happens, it just makes liberals more like the conservatives, who lose a lot of fans every time the thoughtless, angry wing rears its ugly head. It's sad, but it's probably inevitable as Air America grows. GWB is such a polarizing force right now that I think a lot of Dems would embrace Atwater/Rove tactics.

The whole thing reminds me of a comment from a liberal friend who attended a small, very liberal college. He said he often felt like disagreeing with his classmates, not because he disagreed with their political views most of the time, but because he hated how their minds were closed to the possibility that other valid solutions could exist. At times, listening to Air America is like that. To varying degrees, Garofalo, Malloy, and Franken need to educate their listeners more often, instead of constantly bashing the bad guys based on perspectives they think everyone else has already.

tommyspoon said...

I think this cartoon sums up my response to "robert".

Joe said...

I stick with my original position. Hardliner speechifying serves a thoroughly different purpose in politics than moderate debate. Each is useful for accomplishing some things, and doesn't work at all for others.

What has robert provided? An example of the people who get motivated by the Deans and Kuchiniches instead of the Gores and Kerrys. Proof of the target market for a commercial enterprise which does provide balance to an imbalanced (in more than one sense) system.

For the record, TRP is no wuss and is probably more "liberal" than I am. He is, however, insufficiently radical. ;-)