Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Haiku Day

At the bank today
On deposit slip I write
Five-Seven-Oh Five

Driven to great glee
By my sweet discovery
Happy Haiku Day

I sincerely hope
You celebrate with haiku
Calm and in solitude

Once my brother asked
What haiku was. I told him.
He immediately wrote:

You are so stupid.
I really, really hate you.
You are a moron.

Not exactly what
Purists call traditional
Still, a great poem

So thanks for reading
I await your brilliant comments.
(In haiku form, please.)


tommyspoon said...

A Weekend Triptych

The dogwoods' petals
Bring joy to my homebound Dad
But none for myself.

The brilliant woman
Who shares herself with myself
Also buys me pants.

Springtime ends not with
A bang, but with a Falling:
Petals carpet all.

lemming said...

sam woofs to go out
no reason, just the joyful
smells of spring and cats