Friday, May 06, 2005

Game #9

April 9, 2005 at Dolphins Stadium. Nationals 3, Marlins 2 (10 innings).

Yup, just last month. My baseball trip. Highly memorable.

The fans in Miami were incredibly kind and welcoming...talking to me all night long. So while I went to the game alone, I certainly left with a few friends.

There was fine pitching by Livan Hernandez and Brian Moehler. There were some near-miss rallies. There were back-to-back homers by Ryan Church and Vinny Castilla. And then it was the bottom of the ninth--the Marlins down 2-1. Carlos Delgado up. Carlos Delgado, although he has never met me, loves me. He ALWAYS has monster games in my presence. Indeed, he leads the league in "Home Runs In My Presence By A Non-Mariner"...with SIX. I point this out to the guy next to me, and on the NEXT PITCH, Delgado went yard, tying the score. Then, Paul Lo Duca nails one that looks like it could be the game-winner...but it bounces off the top of the left-field scoreboard. Single. Washington wins it with a Jose Guillen homer in the tenth. A wild emotional ride.

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