Sunday, May 08, 2005

Game #7

August 29, 2003, at Safeco Field. Mariners 3, Orioles 2.

A cool summer night--I was taking my nephew to the ballpark for his 9th birthday. I taught him how to score, and turned over the scorebook to him while he diligently marked every inning.

It was quite easy for him, actually, since this was a couple of weeks after the Mariners began a massive hitting slump that continued...well...until the present day. The net result is the Mariners made rookie Oriole starter Eric DuBose look like a freakin' hall-of-famer. He gave up only one hit--and three baserunners--through eight innings. Solo homers by Jay Gibbons and Tony Batista certainly looked like they'd stand up for Baltimore. But suddenly, in the ninth inning, it all ended. A single and a walk chased DuBose. Then Oriole relief let Eric down...a walk and two more hits--including the game winning single by John Olerud--gave the Mariners a highly unlikely win.

On the way out, my nephew said that he was impressed with how the Mariners didn't give up, saying "they decided to listen to the crowd cheering and keep trying." Man, I wish I could part with my cynicism every now and then, just to feel what life is like without it.

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