Saturday, April 02, 2005

Time for this fad to end

It's official.

I am tired of televised poker.


Joe said...

I really do like Bravo's Celebrity Poker. I enjoy the trash talk and mugging for the camera, and I already know the personalities. But you couldn't pay me to watch the pros sit there sullenly behind their shades... it's just boring TV.

In a similar vein, I will always choose Caddyshack over The Masters and those Jordan/Bird "nothing but net" commercials over the NBA.

Hugh said...

As someone who plays cards only under duress, I loved watching the World Series of Poker when it first came out. I enjoyed "Positively Fifth Street", a wonderful memoir.

However, now there's alternately too much new product, and too much old product. I can't stand the new product, because there are a lot of names that I do not recognize and can't root for. If I turn on ESPN2 and see the 2002 WSOP (the one that Chris Moneymaker wins), I'm going to scream.

Celebrity Poker is OK, I guess, in the same way that DIII sports are.