Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'm ba-ack...

I'm still on Eastern time, so I'm tired, but will offer a couple of non-baseball related observations from my baseball trip:

--I was led to believe that Miami would be a hellhole. While I'm not eager to head back there, it wasn't bad.

--During my 4 non-baseball hours in Miami, I decided to do a terribly touristy thing...take a guided boat tour. It was good to be on the water, although this native Coloradan is a land-lover. Downtown Miami is pretty from the water.

--Vanilla Ice lives two doors down from Julio Iglesias in Miami. I wonder if one has ever gone to the others' house to borrow a cup of milk?

--I tape recorded several conversations about the past with my eldely aunt Dorothy. She is still angry that my family discouraged her from marrying my uncle Cass back in 1942...she wasn't Catholic. "We were married 54 years," she says...gloating just a little bit. Because of this, she threw a party for Charles and Camilla...she feels for Camilla. "They want her to be like Diana, and she never will be...but she still deserves a party," she said. We had meat pie. Mmmm. Aunt Dorothy was concerned she'd start a family row because I taped her saying that another elderly aunt likes alcohol. I stated (delicately) that no family row could possibly be started over saying something so stinking obvious as that this woman who always has wine or whiskey nearby likes alcohol. It'd be like saying "that aunt is female" or "that aunt has you as a nephew." No controversy at all.

--I managed to spend three days in Florida without going to the beach. I'm a bit weird that way. rocks. I stayed in the Omni Hotel Atlanta for sixty bucks. I LOVE being pampered. They had treadmills in the fitness room with tiny individual flat-screen TVs with headphones. And a bottle of water on the nightstand that you could open for a mere $5.50.

--Hung with my kid sister for a whole day, just after she got back from supervising the elections last week in Djibouti. She says the Djibouti Sheraton isn't as good as other Sheratons. She also was stuck there for an extra three days after her flight out was cancelled. The only English TV station was CNN, and she rapidly grew sick of 24/7 dead Pope coverage. She was kind enough to send me a Djibouti postcard.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What did the Djibouti postcard have as its picture? Answer in a day or two. Try guessing.

--Orbitz offered me the Regency Inn in Augusta, GA for cheap, calling it a one star. I was ready for a Super 8 or a Motel 6. This didn't rise to that level. Yucky yellowing grout, scratched-up bathroom sink, weeds growing out of the exterior walls...that's not bad. The guy wearing a Harley T-Shirt at the front desk...whatever, maybe it was Casual Thursday or big deal. What's bad is the scariness of the place...I didn't think the car was safe, and the scantily-clad overly-made-up woman sitting on the curb after chatting with the guys in the pickup truck who left her there...well, it creeped me out. So I called Orbitz, and they asked the Regency Inn if they'd refund my money...this a half hour after I checked in. They did not refund my money. I still stayed somewhere else that night. My hope is that I can gain revenge here...that anyone who wants to stay at the Regency Inn in Augusta, GA finds this when they search for it.

The Regency Inn in Augusta, GA SUCKS, guys! Don't stay there! Don't give Harley T-Shirt Guy your money! (If two people decide not to stay there now, the guy will have lost money from not giving me a refund.)

--I honored the NAACP boycott of South Carolina (get the damn stars and bars off of your capital grounds, can just as easily--and more appropriately--honor your Civil War ancestors in a museum than at the active capital of your diverse state) by not spending a dime in the state. I did drive across Western SC, however, which I found quite lovely.

--I did clamber down to the geographical anomaly--the chunk of Georgia that is east of the Savannah River. Kinda hard to get to, but I've been there now, squishing across the old riverbed, muddying up my shoes and jeans...just to take pictures of a pretty but non-descript forest.

--Asheville, NC is a gorgeous town. The whole area is so lovely that I may take Swankette out there some year to bunk down in Asheville while we wander to ballgames in the Appalachian League every couple of nights. I had no idea that Asheville was a granola town like Boulder or Eugene. Really loved the place.

--While there, you should have the Ultimate Nachos at the Raven Grill That would be vegan nachos with "Raven cheese." Vegan Cheese. It's made from cashews. And damned if those weren't the tastiest things I had all week long. Yum. There was even live music later that night. I'd have gone back, but I don't care for fiddles.

Good to be back! Nine more weeks of school, and barely three more months until the big wedding!

(This post brought to you by the new computer.)


tommyspoon said...

Good to have you back! I give you all the credit for the Nationals' first place ranking!

How close did you come to Anderson, SC? That's my Dad's hometown, and yes, western SC is very very pretty.

And Sweetie and me will meet you and your lovely bride in Asheville, NC anytime you can make it. Tres cool, eh?

TeacherRefPoet said...


Not "ranking." "Standing."

I was very close to Anderson. Got up to Abbeville, but then hooked more directly north towards Spartanburg to get to Asheville with more alacrity.