Thursday, April 14, 2005

Greetings from a place you've never been

A shout out to y'all from the Jasper County Library in Monticello, Georgia.

After two days of Braves games, I'm headed out to Augusta to see tonight's home opener for the Augusta Green Jackets (they're facing off against the Savannah Sand Gnats, and you can throw the record books out the window). I could be there in two hours on I-20, but I'd rather take the 4 hours on Georgia Highway 16. need to put "Historical Marker, 1000 feet" signs up. I'd stop at all of them to read about General Sherman or even about some county courthouse, but I need to know they're coming.

But I thought I'd stop and check the email. And say hi to y'all.

The goal is, either before tonight's game or before tomorrow's jaunt to Asheville, NC, to head out to a point just southeast of Augusta that is a geographical anomaly: a small chunk of Georgia that is east of the Savannah river. Clearly Rob and his quest (see the Tri-point page at right) are having too much of an effect on me. So I'm here printing out relevant maps to try to make it to that little hunk of riverside land.

Actually, while I'm here, I'd better print out pictures of poison ivy, too. I'd hate to clamber to that spot and pay for it later.

So a shout out to y'all. SHOUT!!!!

Spoon and Joe: The Nationals are 3-0 in my presence (one win in Miami, two in Atlanta).


Joe said...

And today begins the "Draft TRP to be the Nats Mascot" campaign.

tommyspoon said...

I'll second that motion! But what would we call him, Joe?

Shannin said...

Sometimes the best road between two points is not the shortest route. Sounds like you're having a blast, and I would have to root for the Sand Gnats just on principle.