Thursday, April 28, 2005

Baffling Apprentice quote of the week

My business-major honey has me watching The Apprentice regularly. (For the record, she's happy that, with Alex's elimination tonight, we are guaranteed that someone other than a white guy will win.) Today, there was a quote that was quite strange. Not as strange as Brian's comment that his opposition was going to be "cut by the juggler", but still bloody strange. For his reward, he got to go up in fighter jets to participate in a dogfight with Kendra, a fellow competitor he particularly dislikes. Fighter pilots fly them (for real) while they man (pretend) guns. Here's his head-scratcher comment:

"I know I could take Kendra in aerial combat today. I could do that without a plane."

Ummmm...Craig...uh....Craig? How???

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