Wednesday, April 20, 2005

At the Mariner game tonight

ME: I'd like two garlic fries and a Sierra Mist.
VENDOR: That'll be $14.25, and I'll need to see some ID for that.
ME: For this? Oh, I already bought this. (Although a teetotaller, I had purchased a Bud Light for my brother moments earlier at a nearby beer stand. I was not carded.)
VENDOR: Yes. I need some ID for the Sierra Mist.
ME: Huh?
VENDOR: Yes. Sierra Mist is a beer. I need some ID.
ME: Sierra Mist is a SODA!!!!

(Long, confused pause. Vendor consults with neighboring vendor.)

VENDOR: Oh! I thought you were ordering a Sierra Nevada. That's a beer.


So, if you're scoring at home:

Number of times TRP has been carded while buying beer at the ballpark: 0
Number of times TRP has been carded while buying soda at the ballpark (and Mormon-friendly soda, at that): 1


Alison said...

I got carded at the local Big Bear (RIP) for IBC root beer. The woman behind the register just saw the glass bottles and made the assumption.

Swankette said...

When I was in college a friend and I enjoyed buying IBC rootbear and driving around town, and when we'd see college boys we'd drink it so they could see what we were doing.

The things we found amusing in our youth.