Monday, March 28, 2005

I do not condone what this guy did.

But if this story is true, he caught a plagiarist and drilled her in a way that is pretty damn sick. I hope a lot of college and high school folk read this.

Thanks, Joe.


lemming said...

I've just found a web site that it seems a LOT of my students have been using... copying out of whole cloth and claiming as their own. I found the site and promptly filed seven supposedly A-level students.

"But Professor, you never objected to this before!"

Let 'em twitch, writhe and burn. I put hours, months and years of my life into being the best DAMN teacher I can be, just for them, and this is how I am repaid? My using the cut and paste function and putting their name on top? Let 'em squirm.

Alison said...

Not that it's the same (at all), but I do have to giggle at the fact that my friend Michael IMed me this guy's blog (don't know where he got it - probably our friend Dan), and I posted about it on my blog, whereupon Joe saw that and posted about it on his blog, and Paul saw that and posted here.

And thus was born an internet meme about originality of thought. Hee!

Lynn said...

I had to read the whole saga thanks to your link. Good story. Those kooky improv people.