Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Jim at Decorabilia has a silly game to find your "evil twin" blog. It works thusly:

Pick a number. Go to the ___th blog on your blogroll. Then go to the ___ blog on that blogroll. Repeat ___ times. That blog is your "evil twin."

Well, geez. Under the Rule of 5, I am my own evil twin. That's weird.


Jim said...

(No one is surprised.)

Joe said...

If I follow the rule of 5, it appears that my evil twin is... Arlington Stadium. Specifically your 1992 visit thereto. Or maybe I'm doing this wrong.

Considering that I have no particular desire to ever go to Texas again (except maybe for the People's Republic of Austin), maybe I'm doing it right.

Jim said...

I think we've found the inherent structural weakness of this particular methodology.

Too many syllables, yes?

I'll have to try and craft a new one. 'Cause I have so much time to waste.

Swankette said...


Unless I understand this incorrectly I am your evil twin to the power of five, and you are my evil twin to the power of five.

We are both #5 on each other's blogrolls.

So for me:
#1: takes me to you
#2: back to me
#3: back to you
#4: back to me
#5: back to you

I think it's kinda cool that we're each other's evil twins... gonna' try this some more now.