Sunday, March 20, 2005

26 in a row

Way to go, alma mater.


pankleb said...

You went to Kenyon? Hmmm ... we share an Ohio College Bond -- I was at Oberlin for 1.5 years, then transferred back to the west coast. I swear our football team actually beat you guys once while I was there. Baffling to think that Oberlin was once coached by The John Heisman and has an all-time winning record v. Ohio State. I think they made three field goals the two seasons I was there. 'Nuff said.

TeacherRefPoet said...

You must be a little younger than I am. While I was there, Kenyon won its only conference championship in 115 years (and counting) of football. I take credit...I was keeping the stats for the SID.

I remember a Kenyon/Oberlin matchup in women's hoop, for which I was also keeping stats. Kenyon had lost something like 38 in a row and was closing in on the NCAA record when we knocked off Oberlin down in Gambier. The score was in the twenties...max. The players doused our coach with ice water. I liked those players. That's why I like Division III actually share classrooms with the athletes.

I looked at Oberlin, but felt it didn't have diversity of political opinion. That and I fell in love with Kenyon's beauty.