Thursday, February 17, 2005

Was it something I said?

I've spent good parts of the last two weeks planning my April trip. I'll start in Miami, travel through Tampa and Atlanta, and end in Columbia, SC, where I will see the Capital City Bombers play baseball. So I'm all set up--bought a plane ticket from Columbia, set to return my car to Columbia, trying to figure out the best way to honor the NAACP boycott while seeing a ballgame...

and the Capital City Bombers announced six days ago that they have moved to Greenville to become the Greenville Bombers.

Damn, that sucks. But I'll go see them play in Greenville, I guess. What's an hour and fifteen minute drive for Southern League baseball?

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Swankette said...

The south obviously has it in for you. Last year they the teams playing in Japan the week you want to travel there, and this year they go and move a team.